Father’s Day Gifts

June 15, 2016

Today’s What to do Wednesday post is all about Father’s Day!  I am so excited to show the finished product(s) of what we did for my dad, Jeff’s dad, and for Jeff himself.

To be honest, I am not very creative.  I really wish I was, but I’m just not.  And I am NOT artistic.  I think I was the only elementary school teacher ever who didn’t even draw stick figures very well.  So, I always have to search Pinterest for ideas.  Seriously, what did people like me do before Pinterest???

I knew I wanted to find crafts that were easy (because remember how I am craft challenged?)  But I also really liked the idea of making something that involved using Adeline’s handprint/footprint because years from now (at least I’m going to pretend we will still have this particular gift years from now ;)) I just think it will be so neat to see how little she used to be.  I’m not known for being super sentimental, but apparently even I have my moments.

Anyway, I found these ideas over at Glued to my Crafts Blog and Crafty Morning.  Ours don’t look nearly as good because…well…need I (again) remind you that I’m not crafty?

For Grandpa Chief:


For Grandpa K.:


For Jeff:


I put Jeff’s on canvas because although Adeline is the first grand baby on Jeff’s side, she’s the 9th of 10 on my side, so realistically, my dad probably won’t keep his forever.  But we can keep Jeff’s.

So.  If you’re looking for a last-minute, simple Father’s Day craft to do–especially if you live in AZ and have taken a look at the record breaking temperatures coming our way and you need something to do INSIDE with your kids–I recommend doing one of these.

Disclaimer:  I couldn’t have gotten these done if it weren’t for my sweet friend, Sam, because it is HARD to get a 15 month old to open her paint covered hand long enough to actually place it on the paper/canvas.

Happy crafting!

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