Honoring Grandma K.

June 29, 2017

My daughter has never been known for her sleeping skills.  In fact, if anything, she has historically been known for the fact that she is NOT a great sleeper.  I can count on one hand (actually, one finger) the number of times she has fallen asleep at church since she was just a few months old.  Falling asleep in public almost never happens, either.  The only places she sleeps well, generally speaking, are in her own crib, in OUR house, and sometimes her car seat.  That’s it.

It can be really frustrating, but Jeff and I have at least been grateful that she usually sleeps well at home… Until recently, that is.  When we were in Utah a few weeks ago, Adeline learned how to climb out of the pack and play she’d been sleeping in.  When we got home, that ability translated into the ability to climb out of her crib.  I guess we should be grateful that it took her so long to learn how to climb out of it…?

We took off the side of her crib so that it was now a regular toddler bed, and ever since then, she’s been sleeping TERRIBLY.  I kind of expected her to not sleep super well, but I figured it would be because she would mischievously sneak out of bed, simply because she could.  But no.  She cries and cries and cries like she is terrified.  Maybe she is terrified of her newfound freedom or something…  Who knows?  We now have to stay in her room with her until she falls asleep, or put her back in bed a million times until she cries herself to sleep.  She also comes sobbing into our room every single night and climbs in bed with us.  We finally put the side of the crib back on, hoping that she would go back to normal.  But, nope.  Everything is literally the same as it was before, but for some reason, she still won’t sleep.

The other night, I was getting so frustrated because I was so tired and I already sleep really poorly lately because I’m so far along in my pregnancy.  I just started crying as I sat in her room with her in the middle of the night, willing her to go back to sleep.  But then, I recalled a moment from when I was a child.

I also went through a time as a child when I didn’t sleep well, although I was several years older than Adeline.  I’m not sure why I couldn’t sleep during that time, but I do remember having a lot of anxiety as I was trying to sleep, which may have something to do with it.  I remember going into my parents room all the time to tell them that I couldn’t sleep.  They were probably SO frustrated by it.  Lots of times, I just went and slept on the floor in my sisters’ room.  But I remember this one time, my  mom came down to my room with me, and laid by me, while holding my hand.  I finally fell asleep, after having tried for hours to fall asleep on my own.

I was so grateful that this memory came to my mind because it reminded me to be patient, and, as silly as it sounds, it helped me to remember that I would survive the sleep-deprivation.  And mostly, it was a great reminder that my baby will only be little for so long, and she will only need me for so long.  So, I laid back down on the floor next to her until she fell asleep and then I clambered awkwardly onto my feet (because I was 34 weeks pregnant), and went back to bed.

Since that time, I have thought a lot about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful mother.  She has always been willing to sacrifice for our family, and has set such an incredible example to me of how to be an attentive, loving mother, who makes sure that all of her children (in her case, 6 children), feel loved and cared for.  These same qualities are what make her a phenomenal grandma to *almost* 16 grandchildren.  I’m pretty sure that each one of them thinks he or she is my mom’s favorite grandchild.  She just makes them all feel so special.

Mom with Boys
This is my mom with 3 of her grandchildren.  Baby Cohen had just barely been born, and has 2 VERY proud older brothers.

It is precisely because of how wonderful my mom is that we decided that we needed to get her something really special for Mother’s Day.  This was especially true because my parents recently left to serve a 2 year mission for our church, and we wanted her to have something to remind her of how much we love her.

I had previously gotten the most amazing present from Jeff:  3 stackable rings–one had my daughter’s name engraved on it, one was a filler, and the other one was blank, in remembrance of the baby I miscarried last summer.  So I knew that something from this company, Heidi J. Hale Designs and Details, would be perfect for my mom.

Heidi Rings
I love that I have a visual reminder of the babies I love–Adeline, the baby I lost, and the baby I’m currently growing.

In the end, we decided to buy a necklace for her, on which we could write something to customize it.  We had my nephew write “Grandma K. 2017” on a piece of paper, and then I sent the scanned picture of the paper to this awesome company, and they transferred that same writing onto the metal of the necklace.  We just love the end result!!!

Mom Necklace
The finished product.  We love that my mom has this to remind her of her “true identity” as Grandma K. while she is serving as a missionary. 

If you are looking for a great gift to really honor someone you love, please check out Heidi J. Hale.  You will NOT be disappointed!


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